2-7 Poker Lowball

In a lowball poker variant, such as 2-7 or Deuce to Seven Lowball, the lowest hand wins. The difference between a single draw and a triple draw 2-7 lowball game is the amount of drawing and betting rounds.



Triple draw 2-7 lowball is predominantly played with fixed limit choices, whereas single draw 2-7 lowball is usually always played with no restriction and occasionally with pot limit. 2-7 lowball is also known as Kansas Lowball, and unlike other lowball games, in this game aces are given a high value.

Getting Started


The game of 2-7 lowball begins with blind bets, followed by the draw and betting rounds. The gameplay for both the single draw and triple draw games is essentially same. Triple draw is just an expansion of the single draw game. The single draw game consists of only one round of card drawing, whereas the triple draw game consists of three. Nonetheless, both variations feature multiple betting rounds.



Similar to Texas Hold’em and Omaha, 2-7 lowball poker begins with blind wagers. A player places the small blind to the left of the dealer, and the big blind to the left of the small blind. Following the placement of the blinds, each player is dealt five cards individually.


Single Draw

In the single draw 2-7 game, the initial betting round is initiated by the player to the left of the big blind. All players place their bets in a clockwise direction and have the choice of fold, call, check, or raise. During the drawing round, the remaining players may discard any or all of their cards and draw replacements. You can receive all new cards if you discard all of your cards.


If you wish to discard all of your cards during any of the drawing rounds, you will initially receive only four new cards. The fifth card is dealt after all other players have received replacements. If you are the final player in that round and choose to replace all of your cards, the dealer will initially give you four cards, burn one card, and then give you the fifth card.


A card gets burned when it is discarded face-down on the table. If a player does not wish to replace his or her cards, he or she may “stand pat,” which means to retain the existing cards.


After the drawing round, the second round of betting begins, where players may gamble or fold. The remaining players must expose and evaluate their cards. The player with the lowest hand is the winner. If after the second betting round there is only one person left, that player is automatically declared the winner.


Triple Hand

After the opening deal, there are three rounds of drawing followed by one round of betting in the triple draw game. Until the second betting round, the rules of the single draw 2-7 game remain unchanged. But, following the second betting round, the surviving players have two more rounds to alternately draw cards and wager.


Participants have three opportunities to replace their cards for the greatest potential hand. As long as more than one player remains at the conclusion of the fourth or final betting round, the showdown will occur. If there is only one player remaining after the fourth betting round, that person wins the pot without having to reveal his or her cards.


Exceptions to the Rule 2-7 Before beginning to play lowball poker, there are a few details to consider. In lowball games, straights and flushes are counted against the player. They diminish the hand’s worth. 5-4-3-2-A is a high A-5 hand and not a straight. The Ace is the highest card in this game.


In this game, the best potential unsuited hand would be 2-3-4-5-7. In the event of a tie, players will split the pot. A hand with a flush, straight, or pair will always lose to a hand without them, regardless of their value. A suit is not considered to be a weak hand.


In the event that the dealer runs out of cards during triple draw, the discards are reshuffled and used as replacements. 2-7 lowball is a novel variant of the game compared to existing variations. The greatest approach to learn and master this game, or any online cash game, is to practice it, as opposed to searching for winning strategies.


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